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Fortnite Reloaded: Official Trading Cards Review

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The Devils In The Detail

With a total of 13 seasons in its arsenal, Fortnite has declared itself the ultimate Battle Royale game. Not just for its flamboyantly fun skirmishes, and light-hearted kid-friendly combat but for the skins. These skins have made the game the success it has become. It is incredibly desirable for players to spend real money, expanding their collection of playable characters. Fortnite has done an amazingly creative job of bringing this collection to life since September 2017.

That’s where Panini steps in. The undisputed masters of collectable trading cards for many years have brought together the history of Fortnite, with their latest collection of Trading Cards, Fortnite: Reloaded. This unmissable collection contains a total of 315 cards, spanning across all of the seasons so far, including season events that have taken place this past 3 years too.

Perfection Takes Time

As a father to a Fortnite obsessed 9 year old, it made sense for Alfie and me to tackle this review together. As we tore into the starter packs and collector binder, one thing was super clear from the get go; these cards are quality! The cards were thick enough to slice a sandwich, the binder hard-wearing to stand the physical demands of the aforementioned 9 year old, and the variety of cards and styles on show was astounding.

With 315 cards on offer in total, there are 190 rarity cards, 20 event cards, 40 set cards, 25 glowin’ cards, 20 poster cards and 20 movin’ cards. Alfie’s absolute favourites after opening the bundles were the glowin’ cards which all glow in the dark, and have a cool raised texture on the card. He also loved the movin’ cards, which are incredibly high quality lenticular, as demonstrated below.

The collector’s binder included is built with a thick and robust plastic spine and a clear front and back cover that allows you to slot in the included magazine guide. Top tip for anyone purchasing, the binder is designed for you to place cards in back to back, so any doubles you may have can get a little snug. All the more reason to get out there and trade with your friends!

The starter pack which includes 24 cards and the collector’s binder has an RRP of £8.99, and additional trading card packs can be purchased for £2.70. Is it the cheapest trading card collection out there? No, but you pay for quality, and this delivers in spades.

Rapid Reviews Rating

The starter pack which include the collector’s binder and 24 trading cards is on sale now from supermarkets, newsagents and from Panini’s online store:

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