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Fly Together! Review

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Fast Facts

Fly Together!
Developer: Northplay
Publisher: Northplay
Genre(s): Action, Party, Puzzle, Simulation
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Age Rating: PEGI 3
Release Date: 29/04/2021
Price: £13.49

A code was provided for review purposes

Over the winter period, we find ourselves curled up on the sofa gaming more and more. It can be quite a difficult stage to spend time alone during these dark and cold nights. But what brings light to the tunnel is all the games we get to experience with others. whether that be online or shared in your own home. Today I am very excited to share with you the joyous Fly Together! on Nintendo Switch.

All Set for Take Off

A glimpse at one of the desert maps on Fly Together, where planes must be moved between airports. An easier level.
A calming journey

When I first checked out Fly Together!, I was shocked to learn that this is actually a sequel to the award-winning Conduct Together! game. Both games are perfect for the enjoyment from the comfort of your sofa, with Fly Together! involving manoeuvring planes and their passengers to the correct designated airport.

Over the flight course, you can complete contracts which award you stars and coins, which can be put towards the expansion of your very own airport.

An overview of one of the maps which involves lots of little islands to move planes between.
Island hopping

The Nitty Gritty Stuff

As you begin, the game is based on a beautiful island of tranquillity. It is your job your fly planes between airports. Each plane will be carrying passengers which should be directed to the right coloured airport. As you travel between levels and islands, each one gradually becomes harder.

Taking on the role of a pilot comes with a lot of responsibility. You learn the basics including how to manage weather, altitude, wind direction and the odd tornado all while ensuring you do not crash mid-flight path between other planes. What I particularly loved about this game is the way it gradually introduced you to all of these elements. Levels would gradually include a mix of everything and over time you adjust the best way to take flight without failing. Being a pilot carries its challenges but this game makes it worthwhile.

Up to 8 players can be seen taking part in ensuring all planes are manouevered around without crashing or hitting tornados.
Teamwork makes the dream work

Plenty of Room for Baggage

Fly Together! heavily focuses on being a game for the many. The more people involved the better. In my experience of playing the game, I played both solo and with others.

On my solo mission, I thoroughly enjoyed the game. I could take control of who was going where and replay the level as many times as I wanted until I had achieved gold stars. It was great. As the level of difficulty progressed, however, I did feel that the harder levels would benefit from more hands offering help. It seemed like it was an impossible mission for one person alone. However, this game is excellent at coordinating the switch between multiplayer and singleplayer, so when turbulence seemed a little too blustery, a helping hand was easy to come by.

This harder level includes alot more explosions and now we are in a port.
Where’s check-in?

The chaos ensued further in multiplayer as this game allows up to 8 players. Both online and local are gamers paradise for multiplayer and the game levels create endless hours of fun. As mentioned earlier, the switch from singleplayer to multiplayer was a breeze and was as simple as just adding another controller. This came in very useful during harder levels. If a friend was nearby watching you play, it only took two seconds to add them into the game. Overall, Fly Together! is a very coordinated game for multiple people to enjoy.

Is it Worth Flying with this Airline?

Plenty of room for baggage, easy security check-in, and loads of free seats on the plane, Fly Together! creates an opportunity for everyone of all ages to come together to test out their coordination. Time flew by while playing this game, and I particularly enjoyed the element in which it incorporated both single-player and playing alongside others.

This will be surely a game to keep and my loved ones and I preoccupied with over the winter period while we argue over who ate the last chocolate.

garage of planes in Fly together
Plenty of planes to unlock

4 out of 5


You can buy Fly Together! on the Nintendo Store here.

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