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eufy RoboVac 11S

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When I was offered the opportunity to review a Robot hoover, I jumped at the chance. Being somewhat of a gadget lover, I was excited to see if this new technology had the potential to replace the more traditional home vacuums. Read on for my thoughts on this cool gadget, the eufy RoboVac 11S.

What eufy say

  • 100% hands-free cleaning
  • The slimmest RoboVac – only 2.85″ thin
  • Increased suction power to 1300Pa
  • Intelligent BoostIQ™ Technology
  • Cleans for up to 100 minutes
  • Extra accessories included


The eufy RoboVac 11S is very simple to set up. Once removed from the box, you need to remove the packaging and attach the side brushes. You then have to place it on the charging base for an initial full charge. The RoboVac 11S takes around 4 hours to charge fully.

Cleaning power

Without stating the obvious, the purpose of a hoover, be it a traditional vacuum or a robot, is to clean.

My wife and I were impressed with the suction of the hoover and at how quiet the RoboVac was. We were surprised to see how much dust the hoover had collected on each journey around the house.

Our downstairs has laminate flooring, carpet, and a rug in the living room. The RoboVac 11S was able to manage with this change of surface with ease.

While the hoover does a great job of cleaning up, how it goes about it is a little random. It will start in a room, clean up some dirt and then decide to leave the rest, and go into another room. We’ve got used to this random pattern now and are confident that it will come back to clean the rest of the room. If you’re out of the house, you won’t notice this.

When the hoover is low on battery, it will automatically realise that it needs a charge. It then makes its way back to the charging base, seeing this never gets old. In my testing, I managed to get about an hour and ten minutes from a full charge.

Scheduled Cleaning

I set the hoover to complete a scheduled clean at 2 pm every day, in the hope that the house would be spotless when I returned home from work. On the very first day of scheduled cleaning, my wife, who I must say is very wary of new technology, came home to a tangled mess. This wasn’t the best start to testing the RoboVac 11S.

Now I must admit, this was my fault. The RoboVac 11S comes with cable ties which I should have used. However, the resulting table of cables gave me the little nudge I needed to sort my leads and cables out.

Once I’d organised the leads, the hoover went about its business, on time, every day at 2 pm. It was great to come home from work, knowing that the downstairs of the house had been hoovered.

Makes cleaning fun

My young children, who were initially a bit wary of the hoover, have grown to love it and treat it like a member of the family. They’ve named the RoboVac 11S Gaston, after the ladybird in Ben and Holly. It doesn’t get old seeing the hoover manoeuvre itself around the house. As well as automated modes, you can control the hoover yourself like a remote-controlled car. This is very satisfying!


The RoboVac 11S is a super piece of kit that provides a glimpse into the future of the automated home. I wouldn’t say that it was ready to replace the vacuum that we have at the moment. However, it is a handy machine which compliments it perfectly. It matches many traditional vacuums for suction power, all without the need to leave the sofa.

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You can purchase the RoboVac 11S on the at the eufy online store at the following link,

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