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Build a Bridge!

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Title: Build a Bridge!
Developer: BoomBit Games
Publisher:  BoomBit Games
Genre: Puzzle, Simulation, Education
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Audience: Everyone
Release Date: Switch: 17/1/2019
Price: £13.49 – Rapid Reviews UK was very kindly provided with a review code for this title.

What the Developers say

Award-winning physics-based puzzle game that’s easy to learn but hard to master! Learn to use proper materials and building tricks to create the most resilient and fun constructions!

Test your engineering and improvisation skills in a puzzle game where the stakes are as high as they get. It is you who will construct bridges for cars, trucks, buses… And sometimes even monster trucks. Gather your wits and get on with the construction!

During the planning phase the game presents itself with a simple, 2D interface. It is there that you select the best materials for your bridge and connect the dots to make the most resilient structure you can. You can approach each level as a complex puzzle, trying to be as efficient as possible and get the best solution. But don’t be afraid to experiment too. You can just go crazy and construct something that looks outrageous but still somehow works. There’s fun in both of these approaches.

When you’re done, switch to the 3D mode and watch a car drive through your bridge. Will it hold? Or will you watch a spectacular crash?

In addition to the normal mode the game features the easy mode for more relaxed game played, focused on creativity and improvisation. You can also use in-game hint system if things get too hard. With 80 levels plus hidden and bonus bridges to construct you will not run out of things to do quickly.

– Different materials to build from – Wood, Metal, Cables
– 80 levels of increasingly difficult puzzles
– Varied, detailed environments full of interactive elements
– Multiple cars to test out your constructions
– Realistic physics engine
Beautiful, stylised art style
– Available in 15 languages


If you hadn’t already guessed it, the clue is in the name with the latest title from BoomBit Games. ‘Build a Bridge’ has you doing just that in a series of different scenarios and settings, testing your construction mettle. Having started out life on iOS and Android, BoomBit Games have seen the potential of the Nintendo Switch as another avenue to share their puzzle simulator with the gaming world. Is it worth a purchase on our beloved hybrid console or would the mobile version do the trick? Find out with our latest Rapid Review!

Gameplay and Replayability

Starting with some rather simple levels, these act as a tutorial to attempt to best prepare you for what is to follow. Level by level it introduces you to the materials you have available for building, be it a road and wood to provide structure, or steel and cables to improve the possible weight load. All of this is shared in a systematic and easy to follow manner, and my initial impressions were that this game would be a breeze. Fortunately, and then on occasion, instead, unfortunately, I was entirely wrong.

Five levels in and registering only 3% on the game progression scale, and I was stumped. I had followed the ‘tutorial’ meticulously, paid close attention to the need for triangle structures, and made sure I understood the benefits of the materials available to me, yet still, I could not get the vehicle across the bridge. I took a step back to reconsider my options, tried a different approach or seven, and finally got the car over the ravine. It was then that I realised that this game was serious when it categorised itself as a puzzle simulator.

The game is a simple one to pick up and play, and this works particularly well with its addictive nature. You begin by being shown the scenario and then using a simple 2D interface, and you design your bridge using a grid as a point of reference. Navigation here is straightforward, with the directional buttons used to switch between materials, and the left stick used to connect the materials to create your design. Each point you wish to connect, you use the ‘A’ button to submit. Once you have completed your design, you use ‘X’ to send the vehicle on its way. If successful, the vehicle makes its way across the bridge and is met with a fanfare of cheers as it crosses the finish line. If unsuccessful, it will crash and burn. You will then return to the design phase and either edit your current attempt or delete it and start again.

Of course, as with many games of this generation, it is not enough to build a bridge. There are criteria to consider, objectives to meet, and all while ensuring that you don’t overspend on the budget set for the bridge. It is here that ‘Build a Bridge!’ Showcases its mobile roots: it grades you out of three stars, in a similar vein to Candy Crush and the like. For the completionists out there, this is an excellent inclusion. However, I couldn’t help but feel like it served as a permanent reminder that this game is available on mobile app stores, and has been for some time.

As I alluded to earlier in the review, this game gets progressively harder. So much so, that at times I had to lean on the in-game hints to support me. Using the down directional button, you gain access to two important options: ‘Build the bridge for me’ and ‘Show me how it’s built.’ In a recurring theme here, the clue is in the name. What I liked, however, was that if I were to select either option, it would not complete the entire bridge. It would provide a snippet as a starting point, of which you could then choose to continue from where they left off or ask for another hint to extend the bridge further.

Looks and Sounds

Graphically, I like the art style that has been employed by BoomBit Games. It feels fresh, with clean lines and vibrant colours allowing it to stand out without detracting from the main game itself. What I also liked about the aesthetics were the options when testing whether your bridge works. The game becomes a 3D model, and you can either watch the action from afar or enter the vehicle itself and take a first-person approach. Both had their merits, and I felt it was a nice addition to the game.

The audio is where I feel ‘Build a Bridge’ lets itself down. Although at times a frustrating affair, there were moments of bliss as I relaxed into a session of bridge building after a hard days work. These moments would have happened more often if there had been some mellow music to accompany the gameplay itself. It feels like a missed opportunity and one I would still recommend the developers implement now to enhance the overall experience.


Offering over 80 levels across three unique worlds, there is a lot to get your teeth into with ‘Build a Bridge!’ The ‘realistic physics engine’ is on point, delivering a set of gameplay mechanics which are thought-provoking and logical in their delivery. I found the game to be somewhat challenging at times. However, the steps that BoomBit Games have taken to support with this are to be applauded. With touch screen functionality and the opportunity to play on a larger screen, I can see reasons for its release on the Switch. What concerns me somewhat is whether the asking price is worth the admission. The sea of indie games flooding the Nintendo eStore shows no sign of letting up, and I would wait for a sale on this one or get the slightly less-responsive mobile version instead.

Rapid Reviews UK Rating

3.5 out of 5 stars

You can purchase Build a Bridge! on the Nintendo Switch eShop at the following link,–1496857.html#gameDetails

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