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Beekyr Reloaded

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Title: Beekyr Reloaded
Publisher: KaleidoGames
Genre: 2D, Arcade, Shoot’em up, Shmup
Platform: Steam
Audience: Fans of classic arcade games and Shoot’em ups
Price: £7.19. I was kindly given a review code for this game.


Beekyr Reloaded is a classic, arcade-style, 2D Shoot’em up game. It is the big brother to the game, Beekyr FULL: Eco Shoot’em up, which was released back in 2014 on mobile and OUYA. I have to say now, that I didn’t play this game when it was first released. Therefore, I will not be making any comparisons.

The game is set in the rarely explored setting of the insect world. This made it a really enjoyable experience for me.

You play as a drone bee who discovers that his nest has been destroyed by the evil wasps and hornets. The Queen Bee is dying and she gives her last instruction which is for you to seek revenge.

Looks and Sounds

I really enjoyed the aesthetics of this game. The scan line and pixel monitor effects remind you of a classic arcade machine game. The changing scenery is very detailed and does a great job of reminding you that you are battling in the beautiful surroundings of the insect world. I also liked the little touches, like the use of the hexagonal shapes in the HUD.


Be careful not to touch the rocks, trees, branches or walls of the nests. Doing so will result in a loss of life!

The game sounds like a classic, arcade game which gives you feelings of nostalgia. The soundtrack is also very good and certainly gives the game added value.

Gameplay and replayability

Beekyr tutorial

This gives a very informative overview of the games’ features.

Your task is to shoot the enemy wasps, and other enemies, collecting power-ups as you move through the level. The more pollen (power-ups) you collect, the more powerful your weapon is. The bomb power-up has a devastating effect on the enemies! Ammunition is unlimited, which for me, was a good thing!

At the end of each level, you’re given your overall score and a score for your shooting accuracy. For me, this was a reminder of how bad my aim is. However, it will encourage more competitive gamers to replay the levels again, and again.

What sets this game apart from the usual 2D arcade shoot’em up games, is that the levels are horizontal and vertical. Also, each level offers a different challenge.

A co-op mode is available, although I haven’t had the chance to experience it. I imagine that it would add another level of fun to the game.

The game played very smoothly, even on my low-spec, Windows 10 laptop. It can be played using a keyboard, however, I did prefer to play it using a gamepad.



I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this game. It was really fast to pick up but very difficult to master, especially on the highest difficulty setting, madness, which really does have a sting in its tail!

I highly recommended this game for replayability, speed, co-op and the soundtrack. You’d bee silly not to give it a go!

Rapid Reviews rating: Yeah!

You can purchase the game using the link below.

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