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Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey – Part 4

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These diary entries MIGHT be a little shorter from now on because I have already commented on most of the new features in this game.  I don’t want to give away too much of the story.

Phokis – Land Of The Gods

Phokis here we come!

On my way to Phokis, I came across some debris in the ocean which I was able to collect as loot. The journey to Phokis was as beautiful as ever, and I managed to avoid any battles.

Sargon the salesman

After docking my ship in the harbour, I came across Sargon, Odyssey’s equivalent of Reda in Origins.  He doesn’t take payments in the usual Drachmae.  He wants to be paid in Orichalcum Fragments instead.  To obtain this precious resource, you can complete daily quests and specific war contracts or bounties.

When you have collected enough Orichalcum, you can choose to spend it on Epic or Legendary items. There is a third option, which is to leave it to the fates of the Gods. This will give you a random Epic or Legendary reward; it can include items for your ship.

More Message Boards

Each location has it’s own Message Board.  This keeps the game fresh and will make you return to each area.  Some of the contracts are time restricted.

Of course, I was attacked by another Mercenary!

One of the more colourful characters that I’ve come across so far in the game is, Gelon.  Every other word that comes out of her mouth is a swear word!  She offers me a mission to find Gyke, her hand and lover.

That’s all for today’s entry.  I’ve left out a big chunk of what happened when I was in Phokis because it would’ve been a massive spoiler.

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