• The Wizards – Dark Times Review

    Reading Time: 4 minutes Face the end of the world in the sequel to The Wizards. The critically acclaimed VR spellcaster returns with a gesture-based system, challenging enemies, grand adventure, and the ever-witty narrator.

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    Reading Time: 5 minutes Embracelet is a puzzle adventure game with a gripping story, gentle and satisfying puzzles, characters you'll love and a beautiful, orchestral soundtrack.

  • Mages of Mystralia Review

    Reading Time: 6 minutes Game Details Title: Mages of MystraliaDeveloper: BorealysGamesPublisher: BorealysGamesWebsite: https://game.magesofmystralia.com/ Genre: Adventure, Action Platform: Nintendo SwitchAudience: PEGI 7Release Date: 29/01/19Price: £17.99 – Rapid Reviews UK was very kindly provided with a review code for this title. What…