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Swann Tracker Security Camera Review

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The Swann Tracker Security Camera is an all-in-one home camera system. When you think of security cameras, you think of large conspicuous units that people can see from miles away. The Swann tracker security camera is different.

The unit is suitable for indoor use and is small and compact meaning it can be used in any room of the house without too much trouble.

The Swann Tracker Security Camera and App Were Both Easy to Install

The camera arrived in a well-packaged box. Setting it up was a matter of inserting the power cable and finding the right socket to use. One immediate criticism I have of the device is the annoyingly short cable. This is, of course, a personal point, but I live in an old house with very few plug sockets. Finding one that also allowed for optimal positioning proved difficult.

The app that is needed to connect to the camera was simple to download and easy to install. Connecting was a tad time-consuming but the easy-to-follow instructions made it effortless.

Swann Tracker Security Camera
Compacy and stylish camera unit

Keep Track on Your Home

The Swann Tracker Security Camera is intended for indoor use. I positioned it in two core locations for the purpose of this review. The first position was facing outwards through the upper floor bedroom window. This gave me a nice view of the street and our front door. This was especially useful as we do not use that door very often.

All I had to do to connect to the camera was open the app and hit the live feed. There were times when there was a very noticeable delay in the responsiveness of the app. On the whole, however, the connection was always solid, and I experienced very few problems.

A Good Tool for Keeping Tabs on the Family

The Swann Tracker Security Camera has several nice features that make it perfect for internal use and keeping an eye on the kids when they are not around.

I have a baby on the way, and this camera will definitely make a very trustworthy baby monitor. The good image quality of the camera makes keeping tabs on the younger members of the family easy. The ability to talk through the app and via the camera made it very easy to pass messages to the other floor of the house.  However, it should be noted that this functionality did come with a very significant delay and I didn’t find the receptiveness of the app to be that great.

Swann security mobile phone app
Handy app lets you control the camera from anywhere

Connect the App with Household AI for a Fully Connected Experience

The box advertises that the camera can be connected to both Alexa and Google Assistant. I do not really use either of these services and so did not make use of it. The concept behind these connections means that you can use your voice commands to access the camera.

The ease of the app means that you can reach the camera as long as you are connected to WIFI. This means you are only ever a few taps, or a voice command away from using the camera and keeping tabs on the security of your home.

Core Features Make This Camera So Effective

While AI connectivity baffles me, the other core user features of this camera make it such an effective tool.

The camera has a 180-degree viewing angle and can be rotated via the app. There is also an effective zoom capability, which allows for more effective camera placement.

Night vision mode also allows you to keep tabs on your property after dark, a must-have feature for a camera of this type.  The autofocus capabilities also make placement a much easier option. The wide-angle and autofocus go some way to counteract the short cable length as I mentioned at the top of this review.

A greyscale nightvision view of a living room
Strong image resolution in both viewing modes

A Solid Camera That Does What is Claims

At the end of the day, the Swann Tracker Security Camera is a solid piece of equipment that does what it needs to do and its claims on the box. The recording functionality is useful to have in case it is needed. Likewise, the easy-to-use nature of the camera makes it a good option for anybody that feels intimidated by technology. The image quality is great, and the pictures and videos captured by the device are equally clear.

It’s not perfect, but if anything, it would be the app that needs a little more investment rather than the camera itself. This is something that can easily be fixed and rolled out.

Rapid Reviews Rating

4 out of 5


You can buy the Swann Tracker Security Camera from the Swann site here.

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