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Crayola Scoot

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Title:  Crayola Scoot
Developer:  Climax Studios
Publisher:  Outright Games
Genre:  Sports
Platform:  Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One (Reviewed)
Audience:  All
Release Date:  October 16th 2018
£34.99 – Rapid Reviews was very kindly provided with a review code for this title.


Remember when skating games were all the rage back in the early to mid-2000’s? The Tony Hawk games that appeared in numerous consoles over the years were hugely popular during their time, but the popularity of the genre has waned a lot over the years. But now, developer Climax Studios is here to breathe new life into the genre in more ways than one. Unlike a lot of the skating games of the past, ‘Crayola Scoot’ is bright, colourful and embraces a more cartoonish art style. Intrigued? Read on for a Rapid Review of this colourful skating title.

Crayola Scoot Review - Rapid Reviews

Look & Sounds

The first thing that’s going to cross anyone’s mind when they first come across ‘Crayola Scoot’ is how much it reminds them of the Nintendo title ‘Splatoon’. And I think that’s understandable. Both are incredibly colourful titles that include the spraying of ink/paint across each level. It’s a comparison that I think doesn’t do ‘Crayola Scoot’ any favours. ‘Splatoon 2’ on Nintendo Switch is a very polished game, and Crayola Scoot doesn’t have the same level of polish. That’s not to say that Crayola Scoot isn’t a good looking game because it is. It’s a super cute game. The colours are vibrant, each skate park is well detailed, and the game fully embraces its cartoonish art style.

When it comes to the soundtrack to Crayola Scoot, developers Climax Studios have included a high energy pop-friendly soundtrack that fits the look of the game entirely. The pop tracks that play during each challenge add to the colourful world but are never overpowering to the point where it’s too in your face. The sound effects are all great also whether it’s you grinding along a bar or crashing after a failed trick.

Crayola Scoot Review - Rapid Reviews

Gameplay and Replayability

While there is going to be comparisons to ‘Splatoon’ because of the colourful nature of the game, ‘Crayola Scoot’ is an entirely different game. Developers Climax Studios have gone above and beyond to make sure that Crayola Scoot is a truly unique offering and never once did I feel like I was bored while playing this game.

The first thing you are going to do is to create your character. The character has some basic customisations such as skin colour, height and you choose your splat colour. These can all be changed at any point from the ‘Scoot Shack’.

With your character design, all done, it’s time for a tutorial that takes you through the core mechanics of the gameplay. There is quite a lot to Crayola Scoot than just grinding on a bar or doing a flip here and there, so it’s super important that you read the instructions. Some of the tricks are quite tricky to accomplish, and it might frustrate some younger players if they are unable to get them right.

Crayola Scoot Review - Rapid Reviews.

What I liked most about Crayola Scoot was that each challenge is entirely different from the next. Whether you are just trying to splat as much colour as you can across the skate park or in a tricks challenge with another player, each problem is unique and makes Crayola Scoot feel incredibly fresh. There were a couple of times where I did think that the frame rate was becoming an issue, in particular in the Splat Tag challenges.

Crayola Scoot does have a lot of replayability to it. Each challenge has a difficulty setting – easy, medium and hard so you can play all of them to get those 3-star ratings across all modes. There’s also an arcade mode for 4-player local multiplayer.


Crayola Scoot has a lot going for it, and while some game mechanics need tightening up a little bit, it is mostly a lot of fun. There is a lot of potential here for Crayola Scoot so let’s hope that it sells well enough for us to see an even better sequel in future.

Rapid Reviews UK Rating

3 and a half out of 5

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