Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Rapid Review

Reading Time: 4 minutes Originally created by legendary game designer Sid Meier, Civilization is a turn-based strategy game in which you attempt to build an empire to stand the test of time. Explore a new land, research technology, conquer your enemies, and go head-to-head with history’s most renowned leaders as you attempt to build the greatest civilization the world has ever known.

Afterparty Review

Reading Time: 4 minutes In Afterparty, you are Milo and Lola, recently deceased best buds who suddenly find themselves staring down an eternity in Hell. But there’s a loophole: outdrink Satan and he’ll grant you re-entry to Earth. Control Milo and Lola with an intelligent conversation system that change…

Control Review

Reading Time: 5 minutes After releasing ‘Quantum Break’ exclusively on Microsoft platforms, developer Remedy is back with their third-person action-adventure title, Control. In the game, you play as Jesse Faden, whose search for her missing brother has led to a place known as the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC).

The Church in the Darkness Review

Reading Time: 5 minutes I have been following the development of The Church in the Darkness for a couple of years now, and highly anticipated its release onto PS4. This top-down stealth title, set in the 1970s, has you infiltrating a religious cult known at the ‘Collective Justice Mission’ in an attempt to rescue your nephew Alex.

Darkwood Review

Reading Time: 4 minutes Game Details Title: DarkwoodDeveloper: Acid Wizard StudioPublisher: Crunching KoalaWebsite: Action, Horror, AdventurePlatform: PS4Age Rating: PEGI 18Release Date: 14/05/19 – Out nowPrice: £11.99 – Rapid Reviews UK was very kindly provided with a review code […]

Bouncy Bullets Review

Reading Time: 3 minutes Game Details Title: Bouncy BulletsDeveloper: Petite GamesPublisher: Ratalaika GamesWebsite: Action, Shooter, ArcadePlatform: PlayStation 4Age Rating: PEGI 3Release Date: 10/07/19Price: £3.99 – Rapid Reviews UK was very kindly provided with a review code for this […]

RAGE 2 Review

Reading Time: 6 minutes Following its 2011 predecessor, RAGE 2 is a first-person, open-world shooter developed by Avalanche Studios. The setting is your typical apocalyptic wasteland – a world devastated by an asteroid collision and now at the mercy of a violent militant group, known as the Authority. Choosing to play as either a male or female, you adopt the role of Walker, who has been raised by the Ranger Erwina Prowley following the death of your parents. When Prowley is brutally murdered, Walker becomes one of the last remaining Rangers and has to work with a series of allies to strengthen their operations and finally put a stop to the Authority.