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Youtubers Life OMG Edition Review

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Game Details

Title: Youtubers Life OMG Edition
Developer: Raiser Games
Publisher: U-PLAY Online
Genre: Lifestyle, Simulation, Strategy
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Audience: PEGI 3
Release Date: 20/11/2018
Price: £26.99 – Rapid Reviews UK was very kindly provided with a review code for this title.

What the Developers say

Create videos, get subscribers, attend events, interact with your fans… and grow your channel. Live a true Youtuber’s life!

Record your own videos from your parents’ house and get your first subscribers, views and likes.

Meet well-known Youtubers, go to the wildest parties, share your life on social media and deal with your haters.

Sign with exclusive networks and customize your studio with the coolest stuff.

Become a famous gamer on the Gaming Channel
Record gameplays, reviews, speedruns, walkthroughs… Collect all the consoles across all generations and play your favorite titles.
Play your own compositions on the Music Channel
Play 30 different instruments and more than 10 music genres. Publish covers, lessons, duets, compose the catchiest songs and give exciting live concerts!
Prepare the tastiest recipes on the Cooking Channel
Cook new, exotic dishes from different cuisines. Upload tips, tutorials and collaborative menus, become an experienced chef and open your own restaurant!


Many have seen famous YouTubers on their devices, living the luxury life and enjoying making the videos of their dreams. Fortunately, a game has been created to simulate such an experience. Become a virtual superstar and experience the behind the scenes struggles and social superstardom in YouTubers Life!

Youtubers Life is a tycoon simulator where the protagonist shares the story of how they rose to internet fame and becoming the best U-Tuber. Customise your character from a wide array of clothes and styles to show off your personality and taste in fashion. Once your character has been created, you will choose what sort of career you’d like to pursue. Gaming, cooking and music, it’s up to you!

You’ll start with the basic recording equipment, but through working part-time jobs and make revenue from videos, you can upgrade hardware, buy more clothes and customise your room!

Of course, every youngster still needs to attend school. Fit frequent study sessions into your schedule to avoid being grounded and losing your computer. Maybe you’ll even earn a reward!

Make friends, move out, socialise, go to events and explore the life of a virtual U-Tuber in Youtubers Life!

Audio & Visual

The game provides a charming soundtrack of music throughout the gameplay. Character audio mostly consists of small sound effects and exclamations that sound a bit fuzzy or archaic.

Visuals are relatively clean and smooth for Nintendo Switch standards but are slightly antiquated from afar. The game is relatively colourful in all aspects and provides a basic but feasible feel for the gameplay.

Gameplay & Replayability

This game is a tycoon simulator, so it involves managerial tasks and opulent customisation, likewise to the Sims series. The tasks required for completion can be quite a handful, but the rewards earned can enable more tools and accessories for your U-Tubing career. However, the gameplay can be repetitive at times, but progression can switch up the environment, enabling new scenarios and paths to take.

There are quantities of rewards to grind to progress to a more successful status, but at times, it doesn’t feel as rewarding, due to the repetitive algorithms. A typical gamer would return to this game regularly, but if the grind takes too long, the gamer will most likely lose interest.


In conclusion, this game is rather lacklustre. Of course, it can be seen as slightly superior to mobile iterations, but overall many would perceive the game as adequate on the Nintendo Switch. However, if you are a fan of the Sims and tycoon games, this is undoubtedly a great pick. The game requires a lot of work but can be rewarded with substantial rewards to achieve maximum customisation and simulate a Youtubers life to satisfactory results and even help pursue the behind the scene struggles and technical mishaps.

This game is of tolerable quality in both visuals and audio, and customisation is one of the most dominant features. The life simulation and wide array of missions can genuinely show the ins and outs of the world of superstardom. However, replayability would be kept to a minimum if not for the increasing amount of rewards and change in environments.

Rapid Reviews UK Rating

You can purchase Youtubers Life OMG Edition from the Nintendo eShop at the following link,

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