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The Xbox Series S Official Reveal

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The Initial Leak

There have been plenty of rumors buzzing around lately about the existence of the Xbox Series S (code-named Lockhart) – a lower-tier, all-digital version of Microsoft’s next-generation console. The unofficial confirmations of its existence slowly and steadily came around, from the fine print on new Xbox controllers to a Pringles promotion.

It wasn’t until late last night, September 7th, that Windows Central broke the information leaked to them via trusted sources. As they claimed, the Xbox Series S would be the company’s smallest Xbox ever. It would offer the long-rumored all-digital and cost-accessible next-generation option.

According to Windows Central, the Xbox Series S would cost $299 in the United States, £249 in the United Kingdom, and €299 in Europe. The console was said be launching on November 10th, 2020. Additionally, the site claimed that the Xbox Series X would launch on the same date for $499.

Xbox Series S
The official Xbox Series S next-gen console!

The Official Confirmation

Earlier today, September 8th, Microsoft decided to do their best form of damage control by officially announcing the information regarding the Xbox Series S very soon after the leak (yes, in the wee hours of the morning) via their verified Twitter; basically, confirming the information from Windows Central about the console, its release date, and its retail price.

It is worth noting that while the leak contains similar information regarding the Xbox Series X, only the information regarding the Xbox Series S has been confirmed by Microsoft at this time. More information is promised to be coming soon, hopefully for both the Series S and the Series X.

Xbox Series X
Xbox Series X is coming this holiday season from Microsoft!

The Xbox Series S console will release on November 10th, 2020. The Xbox Series X is still due out “this holiday season,” but will probably launch on the same date.

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