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Super Perils of Baking Review

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Fast Facts

Super Perils of Baking

Developer: Lillymo Games
Publisher: Lillymo Games
Genre(s): Arcade
Platform: PlayStation 5 (also available for PlayStation 4, Xbox, Switch and PC
Age Rating: PEGI 3
Release Date: June 3rd 2022
Price: £9.49

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Ever wondered what it would be like to be a baker tasked with trying to stop your older brother who has become possessed by a cursed baking hat? Well, wonder no more, as Super Perils of Baking has got you covered. Read on to learn about this wonderful remake.

A screenshot of a secret level featuring many cookies that are currency and an enemy you use to collect them
The remake is very colourful

Your Attention Is Kneaded

in 2018, Perils of Baking was released. A 2D platformer that is clear to see was inspired by retro arcade games. Super Perils Baking is a vibrant remake from the ground up that adds detailed artwork and more levels from the original. There are 50 main levels and more secret ones to be discovered as you progress, along with many collectables, challenges and a new game+ plus when you first complete the game.

As mentioned, you play as a young baker trying to save his older brother from an evil curse.  You face various enemies along the way, as well as that, the levels get steadily harder as you progress. You tackle them on foot, in a minecart, underwater and some while hanging onto a balloon. There are even times when you can alter gravity.

The levels are concise, and they should not take more than ten minutes. Most of the obstacles do require precision, and with limited checkpoints, you may find yourself stuck on a few levels. The storybook-like presentation provides unexpected depth that is not often seen in platformers.

The character that you control in an underwater level
An underwater level that is just one of a few different levels

Baked Goodness

From the get-go, the game has charm and is well-designed. Having not played the original but looking at screenshots and how it was designed, the step-up to this is amazing. The developers clearly had a vision that they wanted to match, and I hope they feel that they have got what they were aiming for, which they have described as a “love letter to Super Mario World”.

The retro arcade style is perfect and comes through even more in Super Perils of Baking. This would be something I would have loved to have played at any arcade growing up. It feels as though the levels have had a lot of thought gone into them. They are challenging but not so much that they feel frustratingly difficult, like Cuphead.

The only issue with the levels is that they only contain one checkpoint. This is slightly problematic in the longer levels, but the speed and the lack of load times make this issue manageable. The soundtrack of the game, along with the noises when collecting items, jumping, or firing projectiles, accompanies Super Perils of Baking well and adds to the retro style.

The variety of the levels is another highlight, it makes the game feel fresh. I can easily see others preferring minecart levels to the underwater levels as I did. The only levels that could do with a bit more added to them are the boss fights. The boss levels come up at the end of each ten-level stage; although each is different, the challenge is not as difficult as some main stage ones.

An image of the vibrant level map
A lot of attention and colour has also gone into the level map

Value For Your Dough

For less than £10, this game is really good value for replayability and the fun you get out of it. There are quite a few challenges in order to 100% the game. For instance, each level has the letters ‘B, A, K, E’ scattered throughout, sometimes in difficult spots.

There is also a target goal time that you need to beat the level in to get 100% again. The depth of this game was unexpected. To complete the game fully would take over 10 hours at least. To just complete one run takes around 4 hours.

Super Perils of Baking could be played by any person of any age and would also be the ideal pass-the-controller-around game between friends, partners or family.

An image of the original Perils of Baking game that features the main protagonist at a checkpoint
An image of the original Perils of Baking from 2018

Final Thoughts

Super Perils of Baking is a nice reminder of how good indie games can be away from the big AAA games. You may not spend hundreds of hours on it, but there is a lot of fun to be had.

This is a big recommendation for a game that perhaps was not on the radar before. If you need convincing, just take a look at the screenshots of the old game and the new.

Rapid Reviews Rating

4 out of 5

You can purchase The Super Perils of Baking from the PlayStation Store today.

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