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SpeedRunners Review

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Title: SpeeedRunners
Developer: DoubleDutch Games
Publisher: TinyBuild Games
Website: SpeedRunners
Genre: Racing, Platformer, Party
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Age Rating: 7+
Release Date: 23/01/2020
Price: £12.99 – Rapid Reviews UK have very kindly been provided with a review code for this title.

Welcome to SpeedRunners, the game where you play as one of many superhero characters, racing against three other players in a round based elimination, side scrolling, platforming and racing game with power ups.

This game is mad in multiplayer and the basic premise is to run as fast as you can around a level based in the fictional city “New Rush”, jumping, sliding, wall climbing and grappling faster than your 3 opponents. As you force the the opposition off the screen, they explode and the game continues until just one is left.

This system lasts until one player has won three rounds and they are then declared the champion. You play on set out small levels which scroll sideways from left to right or right to left depending on what’s happening on screen.

You can collect various power ups like missiles, grappling hooks and barrels to slow down or drag your opponent back. It’s a bit like Mario Kart on legs and side scrolling in that sense. You have a selection of characters and the option to purchase more from a DLC catalogue.

Each level is well structured and anyone can pick up and play. Yet, it takes skill to master a level and when you do, it makes for some tense and great moments as you try and outrun your friends (or enemies) knocking them out and off the screen.

The game has three modes of play with multiplayer being just one of the options. You have a story based single player mode which battles you against various other superheroes until you face them in one on one races.

You also have a practise mode if you want to test out stages or try and get the upper hand on your mates before challenging them again to a game of the frantic racing game.

Speedrunners actually looked really good on the Switch. I have played the demo on the PS4 which came out a few years ago and the graphics on the Switch and Switch Lite were crisp and bright, meaning I had no problems playing the game in single and multiplayer in handheld and docked mode.

The audio is really good too, it’s that kind of soundtrack that speeds up as you play and as people get left behind, really adding to the tension of the game and the level. It’s great using headphones too and immersing yourself in the little world.

This game’s multiplayer if you have the friends (or family) is great, and I could see it lasting for ages. Once you all get good at the game you will have some great battles on the levels. Single player wise, other than the comics you unlock there is not much else to do, and the appeal and drama in single player is not as gripping as with friends.

How do you like your games? If you have a shared Switch in a household full of gamers, if that’s a university set up or a family with people who love playing Mario Kart but want to try something slightly different, then this is for you. You can play for a quick thirty minutes or sit down for hours playing against each other. 

This game really shines in multiplayer adding laughs, rages and all sorts of fun. The problem is if you don’t have any gamer friends who can pop over the single player is short and hardly a challenge. It doesn’t really have any replay factor and once it’s done, it’s done.

If you’re looking for a cheap multiplayer game, pick this up as it will give you hours of fun. If you’re looking for something for a single player blast alone then I would maybe skip it, but you have the option of combining the two then again for the £12.99 price tag, so you might as well take a gamble as you always have the online multiplayer if your mates can’t make it over!!

Rapid Review Rating

Great multiplayer, basic single player, if you have friends pick it up!

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