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Save Your Nuts Review

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Fast Facts

Title: Save Your Nuts
Developer: Triple Scale Games
Publisher: Triple Scale Games
Website: Triple Scale Games
Genre: Sports, Action, Party
Platform: Switch, Xbox One
Age Rating: PEGI 3
Release Date: 16/04/2020
Price: £11.39 – Rapid Reviews was very kindly provided with a review code for this title.

Time to Save Your Nuts

Save Your Nuts is a new multiplayer game allowing eight players on the same screen, online or against bots. Inspired by Squirrels and Dogs in the park its a team sport game staring various animals in a game of capture the nuts!

The game aims to be a quick pick up and play game with elements that make the game difficult to master while allowing anyone to grab a controller and learn the basics within minutes to allow families to compete at home or online with friends.

The squirrels have decided to make a contest to show they are the most dominant animal on the planet between them the Dogs, the Armadillos, The Racoons and some unlockable animals who you get while playing the game.

Lets get them nuts

You can play with unto seven other people on the screen, but if you don’t have that amount of people locally to you, they have included bots and online play. The computer-controlled animals can be set to various difficulty settings, but obviously, with other people, this game is a lot more fun.

You have three game modes to play which are, Capture The Nut this is a simple game of grab the nut and take it back to your base. Battle Mode this is a mode in which you have to smash the balloons that each team have, and the team who breaks the balloons first wins, and finally, Thieves Mode is much like the first game mode except you have to get all 5 nuts at your base first, and you can steal opponents nuts.

You have various levels to play these modes from back gardens to woods, Later on, you will unlock such delights as the pirate ship and a dungeon which are great fun to play compared to the earlier efforts. They also throw In a basketball theme and American football level which allow you to change the game mode slightly to be like a Rocket League game with Animals.

Can we see the nuts

The game has relatively low-quality graphics on the switch, close-ups of the characters look very jaded and I saw a lot of tearing on the edges of the designs. When you’re playing the main game your overhead and the graphic style does take some time to get used to but looks better than the close-up models.

Audio is what you would expect from a frantic party game, frantic with the odd cheer and noise when you capture the nut or collect a power-up. The general audio was ok with the music not being that memorable while playing.

You obviously have to be blessed with a lot of friends to enjoy this game to its full potential in the same house with arguments drama and general fun being in this mode, I played with my family and even with four people playing we had a good time. However, the skill level between adults and children was evident and obvious.

What a nutter!

Overall this game adds itself to the list of the new lease of games dropping on the Switch system that are mainly multiplayer party games. We have had babies that poo paint and now animals that collect nuts. Honestly, I think during the recent cover restrictions picking up a few of these games to play with your family can’t hurt but long term I don’t see these games being a constant played thing.

This could be a game to bring out at parties or at Christmas going forward with the relative easy controls and the ability to play with 8 people on a single console.

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Save Your Nuts can be purchased from the following location

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