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MediEvil Remake First Impressions

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According to ancient legends, in the year 1998 A.D., an original PlayStation classic was born: MediEvil. In subsequent years, a successful sequel and handheld outing followed. It was during this time that Sir Daniel Fortesque, the illustrious protagonist, became a PlayStation icon worthy of the title.

In spite of this, the 7th generation soon arrived with no sign of a new MediEvil adventure. Sir Dan’s. devotees called for a revival. Seasons passed, yet no news came of his return outside of a guest appearance in PlayStation’s answer to Super Smash Bros.

However, just as the last semblance of hope was beginning to fade, the news that all had long hoped for finally arrived and sent ripples throughout the kingdom of video game land. MediEvil was making its glorious return to PlayStation.

The MediEvil remake is nearly upon us. Therefore, in celebration, a short demonstration has been released for the public to sample, including this young critic. Consequently, my first impressions are enclosed in this very document. Read on to unearth them in their entirety.

The Sights and Sounds of Gallowmere

Along my travels, I noticed that MediEvil’s sense of style is unmatched. The beautifully animated graphics, complete with angular buildings and character models brimming with exaggeration, echo the surrealist works of expressionist artists and is dripping with gothic charm.

Additionally, the orchestral score matches the visuals perfectly through leitmotif that provides a clear sense of place and event. Further, I took note of how the score escalates in scale when narrative excitement abounds, before seamlessly giving way to ambient tones for the more reserved moments.

Alas, not all is well in Gallowmere. A terrible curse has been placed on the frame rate, causing the action to infrequently slow and stutter. Although the curse temporarily lifted from time-to-time of its own volition, the fact that it loomed over my journey at all was a rare cause of dread.

Waking the Dead

Fortunately, this should not deter intrepid explorers from setting forth to Gallowmere as even its modest cemetery is brimming with personality due to frequent environmental interactivity and the humorously vivid accounts of the town and its residents in The Book of Gallowmere.

Furthermore, exploration will come naturally due to the fabled helmet of Sir Dan that can be attained for use in the full adventure. Fear not if it evades you the first time as it did me, achieving this goal is by no means a daunting task due to the perfect size and design of the Gallowmere cemetery.

However, searching for the cemetery’s other collectables may prove more tiresome as the fearless Sir Dan has severely reduced peripheral vision. Consequently, this may lead to unexpected altercations with his enemies that merely consist of simple sword swings.

The Adventure Continues

Regardless, it appears that 21 years of rest has benefitted the brave knight. This all too brief preview of what is to come with his revival harkens back to the time in which he thrived, while simultaneously satisfying the seemingly insatiable appetites of this era’s young knights.

The gothic charm present in the expressionistic design of Gallowmere cemetery, and the orchestral beauty of the music surrounding it will leave a lasting impression that overshadows the occasional blunders in performance. A persistent strength throughout the full adventure I am sure.

Moreover, the numerous secrets hidden in the cemetery are sure to encourage the breaking down of peripheral barriers to uncover the region’s rich history. This, along with more material rewards for exploration, will comfortably see thee to the conclusion of the quest ahead.

Indeed, my all too brief time with Sir Dan has been truly wonderful, but it is on the following note that I must leave you. The retelling of my story is one thing, but to brandish one’s bronzing sword and walk the path for themselves is quite another. There is no better time than now to take up that sword.

You can preorder MediEvil from the PlayStation Store on the following link,

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