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Indivisible Review

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Fast Facts


Developer: Lab Zero Games
Publisher: 505 Games
Genre: Adventure, Action, Role-Playing
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Age Rating: 7
Release Date: 28/04/2020
Price: £26.99

A code was provided for review purposes.

Metroidvanias are very exciting to play but what if you throw RPG mechanics into the mix? Like turn base battling? A level up system? You get a game like Indivisible. Was Indivisible fun? Was Indivisible able to mix the two together?

The presentation of Indivisible is very good, I really like the sprite work of the characters and the art work put into some scenes are great. The performance of the game also holds out well, and if you notice any lag, you can turn on a performance mode to have the FPS lock. Music was a mixed bag of good and meh, however, I never encountered any bad types of music.

Indivisible Review
Example of great art.

Story & Characters

The story of Indivisible is very rushed at the beginning. In the first 20 minutes, you experience a group finishing their final battle; fast forward 16 years and then meet the current protagonist (which I will talk more about later). She gets trained about blocking by her father, goes back home, and her village is on fire with her father dying. Indivisible has huge pacing issues, although it does get better as the game progresses soon after the protagonist traps her father’s killer into her head.

Unlike my other reviews, I am not going to go more in depth with the story this time around. Instead I’d rather look at most of the characters that join you during the first third of the game, although I really do like the story for the most part. Ajna is our protagonist and in my opinion she gets on my nerves a bit, but later she grows to be a great character! Zebei is an wonderful character, his introduction was shaky but later he becomes great!

Indivisible Review
Ajna’s father dying

Now my most hated character in this game is Razmi, my god I don’t like her at all. She is very gross and tries to be funny, but I can’t get into her humour at all. Every time she adds something to a scene, I lose focus of it. Now for my favourite character of the game, and that is Dhar. Dhar is the one who murdered Ajna’s dad, and while he has done a very bad thing I find his development fantastic. He believes what he is doing is right, and when he learns it isn’t he tries to atone for it and I believe the game does this justice.


The gameplay of Indivisible is in 2 parts, one is exploration and the other is combat. With exploration you will find tools and unleash new hidden abilities within Ajna to explore the world. While in battles you will summon 3 allies that you have absorbed within Ajna to fight beside her.

Indivisible Nintendo Switch
Worst character on the right.

The RPG mechanics of Indivisible aren’t really as fleshed out as they should be. You have party members and some options to increase your attack power/defence and that is about it. Levelling up barely feels like you gain much honestly. For what the game offers it is fine, but I do believe it should have more to it.

You get a lot of party members in Indivisible with unique traits, so you can pick and choose what characters you can bring into battle. Plus you can use the control stick to do different attacks as well. Although, most battles are quick sometimes you would be dealing with enemies that take a lot of attacks. As for how you fight? Simple, wait until the button underneath the character is charged, and then attack.

Indivisible Review
Example of the combat

Exploring the World

As for exploration? I find it very strong but frustrating at the same time. With it being a Metroidvania it means you have to backtrack to places you couldn’t continue in, with new abilities! Sadly, I believe they missed the mark with this in the second third of the game. Every time the game stops you in your tracks and says you can’t continue, it is usually the same problem later on that unlocks the ability you need to continue. So in many cases, I wondered “why couldn’t I learn the ability there?” and the game doesn’t give any good reason.

For the rest of the time, the exploration of Indivisible is fine and good. Plus the places you explore are varied and full of life and with things to do. And, the abilities you get add a lot to do and are fun to use. Some times you also get side quests that will give you optional party members to add to your team! Although I do believe at one point I did get a glitch with one quest and no matter what I did, it never worked.

Indivisible Nintendo Switch
If you hold up, you bring up a map.

Indivisible is a fine game. Its exploration is mostly on point with a couple of flaws, the presentation all around is amazing, and the story at the beginning is a little too fast but for the most part fine. Also, most of the characters are great in their own rights! While I wish the combat/RPG mechanics had more to them, I can also say they have enough to get the job done.

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You can purchase Indivisible for the Nintendo Switch at the following link: Nintendo eShop

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