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HyperParasite Review

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Title: HyperParasite
Developer: Troglobytes Games
Publisher: QubicGames
Website: QubicGames, HyperParasite
Genre: RPG, Action, Shooter, Arcade
Platform: Switch, PS4, Xbox
Age Rating: 16+
Release Date: 02/04/20
Price: £13.99/£11.99 – Rapid Reviews was very kindly provided with a review code for this title.

Welcome to my review of the brand new twin stick shooter HyperParasite from Trolglobytes Games and published by QubicGames. A new innovative and hardcore shooter that has been in early access on steam for a while finally gets a console release.


HyperParasite is set in a 80’s in another version of earth when world war 3 is around the corner only this time, the human race has more than an obnoxious pop culture to contend with. A parasitic organism capable of making hosts of unsuspecting human beings, consuming what’s left of their souls and wreaking unfathomable havoc.

In HyperParasite you play as this parasite and have the ability to descend on most of the characters on screen taking over the abilities they may add to the game. On screen it does not look too distant from the symbiotic Venom from the Spiderman movies.

You are on earth to cause chaos and kill everyone and everything in your path, Earths defence to this is to task everyone with killing the parasite before you complete your destiny from homeless men to basketball players everyone is out to get you.


The game plays out as a twin stick shooter, your left stick moves your black parasite around the screen and the right stick aims your sight at the enemies, in this form though you’re a one hit kill so don’t expect to stay like this for long.

Around the parasite you have a circle which if an enemy is inside using the shoulder buttons means you can absorb yourself into them and take over the skills and life of that human. Police have guns, Homeless people have trollies and Basketball players have… well a basketball.

You take over this human and then can use the weapon of choice to kill everything else until that body is destroyed and you move onto the next one, This is the basic structure. Each human also has a special move unleashing bullets or cards over the screen.


This game is not for the casual gamer, it is absolutely solid from the off. It is very much a chain link shooter meaning your aim is to remain in a human body for as long as you can before jumping to the next one. If you are caught as a parasite you will be killed trust me!!

HyperParasite in its normal form has a dodge and some attacks that are very weak and I really wouldn’t recommend using them. The end game is to get to a huge red button to nuke to planet, To get to this point though it’s not going to be easy.

The game has some RPG elements which means that when you collect brains of the humans you can upgrade the abilities and the health of your creature, Unfortunately the currency is very far and between meaning to get good your going to be grinding levels over and over.


The game never really feels like you are getting stronger as when you die you also lose everything you have picked up, so staying alive and completing levels is the only way forward.

When you unlock the characters in the parasite lab you can then pick some new people with abilities that should help you progress, unfortunately for me I played for a good four hours and only just beat the first boss.

The problem I have is its a Destiny type game where you have to redo the same parts too unlock things to make you stronger, over and over and over. Now in a massive game like Destiny that is fine but on something 2D art style like this with the huge difficulty curve just made me start to hate the game.


Im sure if you are an expect gamer then you might love this game, it must have a fan base out there to get this far. At 38 years old and a lover of all games but an expert in none (well maybe Fifa!) this game was really challenging.

For me it went past the part when the game was fun, I just felt like I was not progressing at all and and when I did a quick death would stick me straight back to the start.

It does have some lovely ideas with warp points to certain parts of the levels to stop you having to backtrack and a shop in game, Although good luck affording things.


This game is deep, It has RPG elements it wants you to fight your way across the first level for hours on end to unlock things and make yourself a better parasite. The shooting although not solid is at a good level and the mechanics are intresting.

Unfortunately for me this game was just not ticking some boxes, I mean I played Destiny 1 and 2 for hours on the PS4 repeating quests and trying for loot with friends, clans and on my own. This game though just does not appeal to my addictive nature.

It has some bits people will love, It has some bits a lot of people will hate and its one of the hardest unrewarding games for the casual gamer I have played in a while. If you want a hard game that you will play for hours to progress by inches instead of miles then this could be for you, If not then try something else.

Rapid Review Verdict

You can purchase HyperParasite at the following places
EShop Xbox Store PSN Store

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