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Grimvalor Review

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Fast Facts


Developer: Direlight
Publisher: Direlight
Genre: Adventure, RPG, Action, Platformer
Platform: Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android
Age Rating: 12
Release Date: 07/04/2020
Price: £11.99

A code was provided for review purposes.

Some games you can talk about for a long time but other games you may find little to talk about. Grimvalor, originally a mobile game, is one of those games. Not because it is bad but because there isn’t much to talk about. Despite that, what did I think of Grimvalor? Was it good or bad? Let’s find out.

Mysterious Setting

The story of Grimvalor is that monsters are starting to appear outside of the border of The Lost Kingdom of Vallors when they were supposed to be within those walls. When this happened, many were ordered to investigate the cause and see what was going on. However, many were lost during this. Our player character was sent into a portal by an enemy called “The Slayer” and sent to a faraway land, and as such continues to move forward to discover what has happened to the land.

Grimvalor Review
The portal mentioned in the review.

Grimvalor’s story seems mysterious, and to be honest… I quite like it. I don’t think the pay-off is too great, but it is good enough. However, you can tell who is the bad guy, moments long before they are revealed to be bad.

The presentation of the game is honestly very okay, nothing major to talk about, but I wouldn’t say that is a bad thing; nothing stands out as bad or good. The frame rate was stable through-out my playtime with the game, and I never noticed a dip anywhere. However, the music is forgettable. It fits the game, but there aren’t many songs that pop into my head.

Grimvalor Review
Defeating bosses.

Ups and Downs of Gameplay

Grimvalor’s gameplay is okay; you have light and strong attacks, as well as learning new abilities and getting new tools along the way from either buying them or finding them. The movement of the game is fluid as well and very precise. One of my favourite things I loved doing in this game is, dodge rolling out of the way of enemies’ attacks. However, this also comes to the true negative of Grimvalor.

Difficulty is something Grimvalor struggled with giving me throughout the whole game, and that is how to balance it. The balance of difficulty is very bad; I either feel like I am overpowered or underpowered, I never found this nice balance where I am challenged, but also it is fair. How does the dodge roll contribute to this problem? It is because it gives you invisibility frames, and depending on your position, you can overpower the enemy.

Grimvalor Review
Places to save/rest and upgrade your player character at.


Grimvalor is a very okay game, it doesn’t do anything too significant, but I never found it needed to. What’s more, the visuals are nice, the gameplay is fluid, and the story is okay. However, the music and the difficulty suffer the most in this game; they don’t hurt the game too badly, but they are the weakest point of it.

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You can purchase Grimvalor for the Nintendo Switch at the following link: Nintendo eShop

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