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Grave Keeper Review

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Fast Facts

Title: Grave Keeper
Developer: Baldur Games
Publisher: Forever Entertainment
Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Age Rating: PEGI 12
Release Date: Aug 08, 2019
Price:​ £8.99 – Rapid Reviews UK was very kindly provided with a review code for this title

Game Review

Usually, before accepting review codes, I go check out the game before I make any decision. This was no different with Grave Keeper, I checked out the game on the eShop and it looked like something I would enjoy, so I decided to review it. Did it earn the gold, or was it just something I wanted to throw into the grave? Let’s find out!

Hope you love this screen!

The presentation of this game is across multiple levels. The cutscenes of the game are very choppy and don’t run well however the performance and framerate of the game run perfectly fine. Speaking of which, the areas you fight the enemies in look very nice. Although, there aren’t many areas and the game re-uses its limited assets a lot.

This is a very goofy scene, and I would have loved more scenes like this

The main story of the game is just you trying to beat the Skeleton King, who in his defence keeps trying to throw you out of his place. Oh and there is this woman who speaks to you, yet adds nothing else to the story. That is it, nothing else. I don’t need to play an amazing story, but at the very least keep me engaged with it.

The game looks good

As for the music, in my opinion, the tracks in this game are very good and enjoyable. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of them and you’ll be hearing the same tunes a whole bunch!

The core system of the gameplay is solid and simple. You must go through waves of enemies and build yourself up to face the Skeleton King by earning new gear, weapons and abilities. The game will also give you quests daily alongside a mission objective. Whilst this is all nice… It just falls apart. If you approach the Skeleton King and he gets too close to you, he will just throw you out of the arena.

No, but seriously… Who is this person!?

What’s so bad about this? Well, it resets EVERYTHING and makes you restart. Mind you depending on how far you are before facing him, you will get rewards, but what is the point if you have to restart? All that progress you wasted… Gone. You have to start all over again.

To make matters worse here, the whole game is basically randomly generated. You have to hope the game doesn’t work against you with its enemy placement. Despite this, there isn’t anything bad about dying since you can restart at the beginning of the same round. Hit detection is also very inaccurate, you could be inches away from an enemy’s attack and still get hit somehow.

Examples of Daily quests

Grave Keeper is just a boring mess of a game. I couldn’t have played this game longer than 10 minutes per session since I would get bored so easily. This is based on everything from gameplay to the lack of story. While the presentation was nice, it doesn’t make up for a lacklustre game that deserves to be in a grave.

Rapid Reviews Rating

If you would like to buy Grave Keeper for your Nintendo Switch, you can pick it up here:

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