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Ganbare! Super Strikers

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Fast Facts

Title: Ganbare! Super Strikers
Developer: Rese Games
Publisher: Ratalaika Games
Genre: Adventure, Sports, Strategy
Platform: PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch
Age Rating: E – Everyone
Release Date: 26/02/2020
Price: £8.99 – Rapid Reviews was very kindly provided with a review code for this title.

Quit your Football Manager season, rage quit out of that online FIFA match and PES who? The only football game you need has arrived from Ratalaika Games in the form of Ganbare! Super Strikers.

It goes without saying that Ratalaika are known for producing games that offer a good chance of getting an easy Platinum, but you very quickly find that there is a lot to this game. It can also be quite a challenge as you try and complete all the extra objectives thrown into each match. So, don’t brush this game off too quickly if you are looking for something new to put on something old (the Vita). 

The easiest way to describe this game is to imagine a mix between XCOM and Subbuteo with a little be of extra Japanese art design thrown in for good measure. You control your team of players set out on a grid football pitch through the Nations Cup and then on to the World Cup in a turn-based approach to football.

This mash-up of turn-based actions and football is enjoyable. Each player has the standard two actions that can be performed each turn. Choose between moving, dribbling past an opponent, tackling or shooting. When faced with an opposition player the success of your action comes down to a dice roll depending on your stats. It adds that little bit of tension to the game as a turnover can very quickly have you on the back foot.  

The game eases you into it through a 7v7 Nations Cup where you need to take your team through to the finals. As you progress oppositions have better players and new skills to challenge you. You won’t have access to too many skills when you first set out on your journey. Collecting items as you go comes pretty easy though. 

Your players will level up through playing matches, scoring goals or performing other actions. This will increases their ability to perform normal and special actions. Making substitutions at half time means all your players level up as you progress. It didn’t ever feel like I needed to grind any matches to be able to progress which was nice but also never felt like having high-level players was that important. 

You will want to complete match objectives which vary from match to match. Most common objectives include score 3 or more goals or don’t concede any goals. Completing objectives will reward you with items that you can equip to your players. This will allow players to learn new skills or boost stats. Forwards can learn trick shots such as death shoot, midfielders can learn new passes to put opposition players to sleep and defenders will pick up stronger tackles. 

There are a lot of different skills to be learnt and items to earn which offers some need to replay. You will struggle to collect everything in one playthrough. Returning to earlier matches with new skills and better players is needed to be able to complete all the match objectives as well. However, as fun as the skills are to use, I don’t think you would really struggle without knowing all of them. Plus, there is no trophy requirement to collect them all either. 

Once you have completed the campaign you can then jump into Arcade mode which offers a range of options. You can set up tournaments and leagues of your own with varying sized teams. Continue to develop your players and use your favorite skills. By the time this unlocks though you will have that Plat trophy and probably be ready for the next game. 

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