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FIFA 20 Nintendo Switch Review

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Fast Facts

Title: EA SPORTS FIFA 20 Nintendo Switch Legacy Edition
Developer: EA Romania
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Genre: Sports
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Age Rating: PEGI 3
Release Date: 27/09/19
Price: £44.99 – Rapid Reviews was very kindly provided with a review code for this title.

EA Sports, It’s Just The Same!

EA is back at it again with their money-grabbing antics, and FIFA 20 is no different. The game series infamous for their blasphemous microtransactions, the FIFA series, introduces its newest addition, FIFA 20. Will this football fanatic revolutionise the digital sports field or has EA not strayed far from their cash-grabbing schemes? Read my Rapid Review to find out.

I Think I’m Seeing Double

FIFA 20 is almost identical to its previous iteration, so don’t expect a complete overhaul. By using the engine used to create FIFA 16, the movement taking place in such an energetic and sporty game isn’t fluent or suitable for the Nintendo Switch which feels like it has not been given the attention that is ever so needed.

The FIFA series is renowned for providing the ‘football match’ ambience by providing the player with insightful commentary and crowd cheering and roaring that will be sure to give them a soar throat. The visuals are somewhat poor in TV mode but are relatively adequate in handheld mode, making it a fairly passable game for the on-the-go football player.

What a Misfire

When it comes to FIFA 20 gameplay on the Nintendo Switch, where do I begin? For starters, it was stated that FIFA 20 would offer “same gameplay innovation from FIFA 19 without any new development or significant enhancements”. With this in mind, it seems pretty steep to charge as much as the previous version for minor changes and slight roster update. It’s a shame that some of the newest upgrades have not been implemented on the Switch, essentially making it inferior to its counterparts on other consoles.

FIFA 19 and 20 on the Switch are practically indistinguishable, and both provide the underwhelming football simulator experience, and in both, it’s virtually impossible to change up the game. Playing with Joy-Cons and Pro Controllers aren’t suitable for the messy and sloppy fluidity taking place on the field, especially when the movement of players and shooting are both inaccurate and underwhelming. In addition to this, scoring the same goals over and over provides no sense of excitement and fails to make the player want to play more.

Furthermore, newer players can be confused by the unexplained terminology and confusing controls. Not only are tricks hard to grasp on the Switch, but they, in fact, impossible to do when using the Joy-Cons sideways. Newcomers be damned.

Final Whistle

In conclusion, FIFA 20 on the Switch has left a rather unsightly stain on EAs legacy. With the same game, same price, EA is evidently running out of ideas and milking the FIFA craze as dry as possible, but it’s FIFA, so of course, the enthusiasts will buy it. Hopefully, the FIFA 20 counterparts on other consoles can meet the mark.

Rapid Reviews Rating

You can purchase EA SPORTS FIFA 20 Nintendo Switch Legacy Edition from the Nintendo eShop on the following link,

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