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Bridge Builder Adventure Review

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Fast Facts

Title: Bridge Builder Adventure
Developer: Boombit Games
Publisher: Boombit Games
Website: Boombit Games
Genre: Simulation, Puzzle
Platform: Switch
Age Rating: 3+
Release Date: 07/02/2020
Price: £13.49 – Rapid Reviews were kindly given a review copy of the game

Bridge Builder Adventure, the former free to play mobile game, has made its way to the Switch. It’s no longer free to play, but being a paid game is it worth your hard-earned cash in what was once an over saturated market of bridge building games?

At the time of writing, Bridge Builder Adventure becomes the fourth game of this type to be released on the Nintendo Switch. I’m new to the genre but obviously, people like building bridges (maybe, you can come and help build some new bridges over the River Thames, as we need some more). 

I, personally, liked watching the little monster fail as my poorly constructed and wobbly bridge collapsed beneath him and his heavy car. It was quite entertaining wondering if he would make it or fall to his demise in the lava or snow.

The game utilizes a basic level progression system. Complete a level and move onto the next. Once you complete a level you are awarded a rating of one-three (dependent on how much money you spent) and you unlock a harder version of that level (heavier car), alongside four powers to try to save some money on your retry and get three stars.

The game offers you 60 levels with each having a hard mode, so 120 levels to crack in total. I assume when on mobile each level was locked behind an amount of stars or limited to number of tries per level. The Switch has no such limits meaning in about 30 minutes I had gone from level 1 to level 25 with no real problems.

This could be an issue if you’re spending over £10 on this game. Yes, you’re encouraged to go back and replay levels at a harder difficulty. Personally, I would play all 60, then likely only play a few of them again just to watch my monster buddy fall off my rope bridge!

The game is very info heavy and gives you all the tips and tutorials you need when unlocking new materials or facing new challenges. You never really get stuck as the game tells you all that you need to know as you progress.

As I mentioned you are given powers to try and help you once you finish a level to encourage you to replay it and spend less money. The powers are Easy Mode, which makes all your building parts stronger; Gravity Power, which reduces gravity; Magnet, which attracts the key; and Speed, which makes you faster.

The game basically asks you to make a bridge from wood, rope, or steel. Collect the key which is normally along your route and then get to the other side of the gap you’re building the bridge across. That’s really it, you have various hazards and restrictions in later levels which add to the challenge.

Rope is the cheapest option but the game only gives you limited “anchor” points which sometimes are not even above where you want to place a bridge, ruling out rope. Wood makes a solid frame below your bridge and the game encourages you to build triangle supports for this. Lastly, you have steel which costs the most but used correctly can stop a weak point in its tracks.

You can have added fun getting the car to jump gaps and even have a balloon option that raises part of a bridge for you. Once you stick the road down, you can see if the little monster will make it across your creation.

Music on the game is very bland, it never really gets going and feels like a missed opportunity. Graphically the game is very basic but looks nice, you have no real clutter on the screen and everything is easy to make out. 

When I first loaded into the game with the over the top monsters and huge almost steam-age cars I expected some story or narrative on why my monster wants to cross all these worlds. It would also benefit from maybe some humour or comedic vibes as it appears the design is that way with no real end product.

I’ve never played a bridge-building game, so once I had finished I let my wife have a go, who loves a puzzle game. Her views were very similar to mine, not a massive challenge and great for a quick train ride or doctor’s waiting room.

Overall Bridge Building Adventure is a decent puzzle game which will keep you busy if not challenged. I don’t know if the price point is correct as the game is still available for free on mobile devices and on web browser, with adverts of course, but if this game was maybe 40% cheaper in a sale I would say pick it up. As it stands unless you really love building bridges I would maybe give it a miss and have a look at the other titles on offer.

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