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Battlefield 2042 Revealed

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The Hype Is Real!

And there it is, Battlefield 2042 is officially announced to the world. After months of intense hype surrounding the new instalment we now know a lot more. I’m a huge Battlefield fan and avoiding leaks and speculation has been difficult. Deep inside, I think we all knew that this time would be a step away from the era of World War I and II. 

As the launch gets close but still feels so frustratingly far away, three studios stand together. DICE, DICE LA and Criterion are all going as fast as possible to get the game done for a 2021 launch. There were some rumours earlier in the year of a next-gen only experience. This was quickly confirmed to be false and instead, we would have a cross-gen launch. 

My guess is this is due to several reasons. The current pandemic has slowed the development and the production of next-generation machines. This leaves millions of gamers still fixated on the last-gen consoles. From a business perspective, this would make sense. Why would any developer or publisher dismiss tens of millions of gamers? This begged the question of we would witness a watered-down version of what could have been. 

In a similar situation as what happened with Battlefield 4’s multi-generational launch, the game was restricted to 16 vs 16 online on the older machines. The new generation in 2013 was treated to 32 v 32 battles online. Similarly , this time round next-gen consoles will support 128 player matches and 64 on the older consoles.

When will we see more?

The above trailer is absolutely outstanding I am sure you’ll all agree. They close off with a date of 13th June 2021 for their gameplay reveal. This was sooner than expected as they also have EA Play on July 22nd 2021. With Battlefield 2042 gameplay appearing at the Xbox and Bethesda event at 6 pm UK time on Sunday 13th June 2021, I’m excited to learn more. Battlefield 2042 will not feature a campaign and battle royale this time round which I’m sure will have fans divided. The trailer shows off the era, robot dogs, jets, tanks, boats, tornados, huge explosions and much more! What are your thoughts on Battlefield 2042, we would love to know at Rapid Reviews UK!

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